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Webinar: Health Equity & Systems Leadership

• What are the social determinants of health and how do they help us define “health equity?” • In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the major barriers to achieving health equity and what is the impact of health inequity on young children and their families? • How can we begin to overcome these barriers through systems leadership in early childhood and beyond?
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January 2020 eNews

Governor Henry McMaster has announced that his forthcoming budget will include $53 million to increase access to full-day, 4-year-old kindergarten (“4K”) for low-income students in every South Carolina school district, creating opportunities for thousands more 4-year-olds across the state.
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Childhood, Unplugged

Childhood, Unplugged is presented in partnership with Great Outdoors Colorado and the Children's Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus.  This event invited attendees to discuss technology and hands-on learning's impact on child development. We explored barriers and opportunities to improve…

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