Strategies for Building Executive Function Skills in the Early Years

Publication Summary:

Scientific advances over the past decade confirm how critical a child’s first five years are to health, well-being and early school success. This is when a child’s brain is growing at the fastest rate and in the most extraordinary ways. One key area of growth during this period—executive functioning and self-regulatory skills—sets the stage for subsequent learning and successful adult outcomes. From governors’ offices and legislative office buildings to the halls of academia and classrooms for children and adults, interest in the development of executive function and self-regulation skills is increasing dramatically. This white paper explores the development of these critical life management skills, identifies evidence-based and promising practices that foster them, and suggests four strategic opportunities for policy makers.

Author(s): Janice M. Gruendel, Ph.D.
Publication Date: January 2015
Publication Type: Policy Brief
Publication Topic: Early Childhood Development
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