South Carolina Early Childhood Common Agenda 2014

Publication Summary:

We support investment in evidence-based solutions, and holding early childhood providers, funders, and state agencies that serve young children and their families responsible for positive outcomes. Programs and interventions to improve outcomes for South Carolina’s children and families exist, but are not deployed efficiently or to scale. We believe that rigorous evaluation of programs and accountability for outcomes promotes the efficient use of resources and generates bold, positive impact for children and families.

Neurological research conducted at the Harvard Medical School has clearly demonstrated that among the most critical experiences in shaping the architecture of the developing brain are the “serve and return” interactions between children and significant adults in their lives. We believe in supporting and empowering parents to be responsible teachers and safe, nurturing caregivers. The quality of out-of-home care is built on the strength of interactions between children and their caregivers. Quality early care and education, and early childhood programs must build parental resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development, provide concrete support in times of need, and support development of the social and emotional competence of children. These programs must support parents and other caregivers, create safe environments for young children, and buffer the impacts of adverse early experiences.

Publication Date: May 2023
Publication Type: Fact Sheet/Guide
Publication Topic: Policy & Advocacy
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