NDM 2021 Conference – Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Publication Summary:

Equity Challenges Track.

Presented by Mary C. Garvey, ICS Director of Innovation and Inclusion. Long before the widely documented civil unrest of this past spring, the impacts of unconscious bias and racial injustice were everyday realities for many families, and it continues to be so. To understand how we could better advocate on behalf of young children and families experiencing racial injustice, ICS began to gather stories from the parents and guardians of Black children. An overview is given of the findings from ICS’s Racial Injustice and Young Children surveys and stories are shared from parents and guardians. This session addresses key questions: What is unconscious bias? What do unconscious bias and racism look like in the classroom? How do they affect young children? What is ICS doing to address these issues? How can we all best advocate for a society in which all children – including Black children and other children of color – can thrive and succeed?

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