Leading for Children Evaluation Brief 2022-2023

Leading for Children Evaluation Brief 2022-2023
Publication Summary:

Leading for Children (LFC) promotes self-empowerment and equitable partnerships among adults to improve outcomes for children. Through their Humanity First Model, LFC takes a holistic approach to early care and education. LFC’s Mutual Learning Method utilizes facilitation strategies to elevate the diversity, wisdom, and dignity of all adults in the child’s ecosystem. 

LFC strengthens meaningful adult-child and adult-adult relationships that in turn result in more positive and enriching learning environments for children. LFC’s Mutual Learning Method successfully harnesses the internal capabilities of adults who care for and educate young children. It emphasizes how adults’ positive interactions with each other, children, and the community have real potential to bring about system change.

Author(s): Mari Strand Cary PhD, Manya Jyotishi PhD, Aarati Raghuvanshi
Publication Date: February 2024
Publication Type: Fact Sheet/Guide
Publication Topic: Early Childhood Development, Early Learning & Care
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