The IMPACT Framework: A Guide to the Key Components of High Quality Early Childhood Measures

IMPACT Framework
Publication Summary:

Early childhood measurement and assessment is central to the work of professionals spanning many sectors, including early learning, pediatric and maternal health, infant and early childhood mental health, family support services, policy/advocacy, and more. Yet choosing the right measure for a given setting or purpose can feel overwhelming. Measures can be difficult to find, understand, or interpret, often leading to incorrect use of the measure or misalignment with a given community’s values or needs.

Our team of early childhood experts at the Institute for Child Success developed the IMPACT Measures Tool® to address these challenges and empower early childhood professionals, programs, and organizations to find the measures and assessments that best fit their unique needs. The IMPACT Framework serves to guide users as they learn about measurement concepts to select the measures that best align with their values and needs using the IMPACT Measures Tool®.

Author(s): Caroline Martin PhD, Aimée Drouin Duncan PhD
Publication Date: February 2024
Publication Type: Fact Sheet/Guide
Publication Topic: Early Childhood Development, Early Learning & Care, Measurement & Evaluation
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