22 NDM-Early Childhood Edu. Quality During Rapid Expansions: Lessons from the Field & Opportunities

Publication Summary:

Rasheed Malik, Center for American Progress; Christina Weiland, EdD, University of Michigan; and Ariel Ford, Division of Child Development and Early Education for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Early Childhood Education Quality During Rapid Expansions: Lessons from the Field and Opportunities

In times of rapid change, how do early childhood education programs ensure they maintain quality? Policymakers, administrators, and classroom professionals have had to navigate the difficulties of COVID-19; now a national focus on expanding preschool and child care may create opportunities for rapid expansion, which also brings challenges. Panelists will discuss what we know about maintaining quality, both from research and experience on the ground; this session will also discuss the current policy climate and federal opportunities for the field.

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