22 NDM Conference-Health Equity During a Time of Global Crisis

Publication Summary:

Mary C. Garvey, Institute for Child Success (ICS) and Bryan Boroughs, ICS

Health Equity During a Time of Global Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic of the last two years has brought to the forefront longstanding health inequities–many of which continue to impact young children and their families. We have often been left wondering what can be done to achieve health equity during a time of global crisis. In this session, we will define the term health equity and learn the importance of inclusion within the healthcare system. As we explore social determinants of health, we will identify barriers to achieving equitable health outcomes for children and their families. Among those issues we will tackle are the impact of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable families, racial trauma as a mental health concern for young children, and the maternal mortality crisis. We will then brainstorm strategies for disrupting the current system and creating one that fosters well-being for all children.

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