2023 Nurturing Developing Minds Conference – SC’s Two Generation Approach…Whole Family Flourishing

Publication Summary:

SC’s Two Generation Approach: Creating Community Conditions for Whole Family Flourishing – Rachal Hatton-Moore, LMSW and Doug Taylor, MPH

The 2Gen approach takes a holistic view of family services to ensure that parents/caregivers and their children all have the supports needed to create community conditions for thriving both for the family as well as the systems that influence their care and opportunities. In this session, we will examine examples of 2Gen strategies at work in the state of South Carolina as well as the overarching goals of the approach through common access portals, exemplar programs, local agencies in action, and the benefits of 2Gen approaches, especially for young parents. This presentation will also focus on the SC 2Gen Community of Practice and the opportunities it offers to expand capacity and information that agencies can use to deploy effective strategies and center family voice and equitable access in their programs and services. Facilitated discussion will also be used to solicit input and reflection from participants about how their work employs 2Gen strategies currently, and ways to advance their efforts towards more family-centeredness, alignment with partners, and amplifying family voice in continual quality improvement.

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