2023 Nurturing Developing Minds Conference – Screen Time and Development

Publication Summary:

Screen Time and Development: Updates in Research and Impacts to Children and Their Families – Angie Neal, MS CCC-SLP

While screen time often includes apps that purport to address academic readiness skills, very few have the research to support the transfer of knowledge into educational activities. In a follow-up presentation to the 2019 Nurturing Developing Minds Conference session titled “Digital Diets and Screen Time: The impact on brain development and future academic success,” we will revisit the topic of digital technologies’ impacts on the developing minds of children following the global COVID-19 pandemic and the expansion of virtual learning practices for children in the home and at school. We will examine a 2022 study that indicates larger windows of screen time for children can be linked to vulnerabilities in physical health and wellbeing, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development, and communication skills, as well as review why this information and its implications are critical for pediatricians and early interventionists to consider and share with parents to promote activities that support healthy development.

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