2023 Nurturing Developing Minds Conf. – Effects of pediatric chronic health conditions

Publication Summary:

Effects of pediatric chronic health conditions on families: Protective factors to restore caregiver work stability

Approximately twenty percent of US children have a significant healthcare need. Families of children with significant healthcare needs (CSHCN) are particularly vulnerable to work-life stressors, including economic instability, pressures on caregiving and work roles, and reduced access to support. This presentation will focus on results and implications of an analysis of the needs of these families and share tailored Strengthening Families-based strategies to bolster protective factors and restore caregiver work stability. The results and strategies discussed in this presentation aim to focus awareness and provide strategic approaches to increasing inclusivity in childcare and promoting access to programs for CSHCN. Equitable access to inclusive resources can help to restore the financial and emotional resilience in families with CSHCN. The presentation will emphasize gap areas and discuss strategies utilizing policy and support programs to provide equitable access and inclusive resources for families of CSHCN.

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