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MIECHV & Home Visiting

View the evidence base on the positive impacts of home visiting, learn about Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting’s (MIECHV) measurable outcomes and cost-effective implementation, and see how home visiting programs can become eligible.

Measurement & EvaluationFact Sheet/Guide

IMPACT evidence guide

The EC PRISM team at the Institute for Child Success (ICS) provides tools and resources to early childhood organizations such…

Measurement & EvaluationFact Sheet/Guide

IMPACT scoring guidebook

This document outlines how the four categories– cost, usability, cultural relevance (CR), and technical merit (TM)— assessment scores were calculated…

Measurement & EvaluationFact Sheet/Guide

Theory of change template

Follow these steps to develop a Theory of Impact that will outline the connections between your strategies, targets, and outcomes,…