Measurement & EvaluationVideo

Scoring Breakout: Usability & Cost

At our January 2021 virtual launch event, Dr. Carly Champagne and Camille Sullivan describe the cost and usability categories of the IMPACT Measures Tool®.

Measurement & EvaluationVideo

How to: Use the IMPACT Measures Tool®

Watch this video for a brief walkthrough of the IMPACT Measures Tool®. In this video, you will learn about the different…

Measurement & EvaluationVideo

How to: Choose a Measure

Explore how to choose a measure that best fits your needs. In this video, we follow a preschool teacher’s assessment…

Measurement & EvaluationVideo

What Is Measurement?

In this video, we will explore the basics of measurement and define our understanding of how measures are used. Learn…

Measurement & EvaluationVideo

Types of Measures

In this video, we will explore the types of behavioral measures that are often used in the field of early…

Measurement & EvaluationVideo

Theory of Impact

Learn more about an important tool called a Theory of Impact (TOI). A TOI, a type of logic model, can…

Institute for Child SuccessVideo

The Success of Every Child – The ICS Story

Through policy research, leadership development, knowledge sharing, and advisory services, the Institute for Child Success relentlessly pursues its vision: the…