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Publication Title:

Preschool Suspension and Expulsion: Defining the Issues


Dolores A. Stegelin, Ph. D.

Senior Fellow, Institute for Child Success
Professor Emerita, Clemson University

Date: December 2018

Publication Type: Issue Briefs & Policy Reports

Policy Area: Building Stronger Early Childhood Systems

Page Count: 20


Each year in the United States, thousands of preschool children are suspended or expelled from their early childhood care and education programs.

This brief provides current research-based information for administrators, teachers, parents, policy-makers, and others who are engaged in developing and implementing policies and practices and to support high quality early care and education for young children in the United States. Included in the brief are the following:
• Statement and scope of the problem;
• Rationale for research and policy on preschool expulsion and expulsion;
• Review of salient research on preschool suspension and expulsion;
• Impacts of this practice on preschool children, families, and society;
• Overview of current policy initiatives addressing the issue of preschool suspension and
expulsion – state, national, and global perspectives;
• Discussion of future research and policy needs at the state and national levels; and
• Research-based resources for use by early childhood professionals and policy makers

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