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Publication Title:

Pay for Success in the US Summaries of Financed Projects - April 2016


Megan Golden
Mary Garvey
Megan Carol
Lichi Xu
Brian Nagendra
Kevin Seok-Hyun Mun

Date: April 2016

Publication Type: Issue Briefs & Policy Reports

Policy Area: Pay for Success

Page Count: 25

Publication Excerpt:

Pay for Success financing, also called “Social Impact Bonds,” can bring new resources, new partners and a new focus on outcomes to early childhood services and other important issues. The Institute for Child Success and Living Cities are committed to learning what works and how PFS might contribute to our efforts as we work to open source social change and improve outcomes for our youngest children. This chart presents parties, financing, evaluation, timeframe and expected impact for Pay for Success transactions that have been implemented in the United States so far. We look to you to hear where we got it right, where we got it wrong and how to make this more useful for the diverse set of stakeholders in the emerging outcome-based social service contracting and Pay for Success fields.A special thanks to the leaders in the field from the jurisdictions represented for reviewing and commenting on these summaries.

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