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Publication Title:

Early Childhood Mathematics: Making it Count


Sandra M. Linder, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Early Childhood Mathematics Education, Clemson University

Date: October 2017

Publication Type: Issue Briefs & Policy Reports

Policy Area: Building Stronger Early Childhood Systems

Page Count: 12


An increasing body of research in early childhood mathematics, defined as mathematics education for children from birth to age eight, has continually shown that early experiences in mathematics can support children as they transition from informal schooling (i.e. child care or home-based environments) to formal schooling (i.e. kindergarten).

This brief addresses the crucial role of early mathematics, the importance of both content and processes related to early math, and what research indicates on the barriers and opportunities for math in early childhood classrooms. The primary audience is early childhood teachers and administrators but recommendations are also made for family and community stakeholders, to build awareness and understanding to the challenges present in effective math instruction.

Publication Excerpt:

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