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Publication Title:

2013 Annual Report

Date: 2013

Publication Type: Annual & Financial Reports

Page Count: 11

Publication Excerpt:

I am pleased to report that the past year has been one of remarkable accomplishments for the Institute for Child Success (ICS). Working in concert with our many supporters and stakeholders, we are fulfilling the vision of the Institute’s founders by creating a culture and system that fosters the success of South Carolina’s youngest children.

This annual report highlights our accomplishments over the past twelve months and provides an overview of our work. You will learn how ICS research, policy, and integration efforts are transforming the early childhood system throughout South Carolina and influencing decisions and conversations underway at the national level. New policies, innovations, and cutting-edge financing mechanisms are moving forward as a result of ICS led initiatives, the support of our donors, and the collaboration of our many partners.

We look forward to working with each of you in the coming year and thank you for your ongoing commitment to ensuring the success of our youngest citizens.

The past twelve months have been an exciting time for ICS and for early childhood in South Carolina. In the pages that follow, we briefly describe ICS impact on school readiness legislation, Pay for Success (PFS) financing, expansion of voluntary 4K, research, and other important early childhood issues. The success of ICS is an accomplishment shared with many.

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