Our team is leading work on a multi-year project to support The Duke Endowment’s mission to enrich lives and strengthen communities in North Carolina and South Carolina. This initiative synthesizes the outcomes demonstrated in evidence-based programs for different races and ethnicities. Identifying differential impact is the first step in building a pathway for equitable and effective early childhood programs. We strive to deepen our collective understanding of the evidence base for these interventions, including the contexts and families for whom they work best, so that we can collaborate in fostering an effective and strengths-based approach to recovery for families in the Carolinas.

This project includes three key phases:

  • Performing a literature review exploring the evidence of several evidence-based programs for different races and ethnicities in North Carolina and South Carolina.
  • Identifying growth targets that might produce population-level outcomes for two of these evidence-based programs, in multiple counties across both states.
  • Evaluating the value and applicability of additional evidence-based interventions for child maltreatment and trauma.

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