New Hello Family Impact Report: 2021-2022 Achievements Supporting Spartanburg Families

Hello Family Annual Report 2021-2022

Hello Family Spartanburg has released their 2021-2022 Annual Report, detailing some of the initiative’s many exciting accomplishments over the past year. Hello Family provides a wide network of services to support all young children and their families in Spartanburg, South Carolina. ICS has been honored to be part of this initiative since the beginning, working with the amazing partners in Spartanburg–under the unflagging leadership of the City of Spartanburg and the Mary Black Foundation–to build a system where every child can arrive at the school house door healthy, thriving, and ready to learn.

Highlights of Hello Family’s impact in 2021-2022: 

Hello Family includes dozens of programmatic partners supporting families in the community. This annual report focuses on four of those who were recently funded to meet all families in the City of Spartanburg, and meet them where they are. They include BirthMatters, Family Connects, Quality Counts, and Triple P (Positive Parenting Program).

BIRTH Matters
BirthMatters Achievements:

BirthMatters provides free community doula services for young expectant mothers in Spartanburg.

  • 57 mothers served
  • 28 babies born
  • 85.7% non-NICU admission
  • 82.1% healthy birth weight
  • 82.1% breastfed at birth
  • 71.4% non-caesarean births

“Once I met my doula and became more engaged in the program, I was blown away.” -Benji Collins, Birth Matters certified community doula, medical assistant, and lactation counselor, and former Birth Matters participant

Family Connects
Family Connects Achievements:

Family Connects provides home visits from a registered nurse to support the health and well-being of newborns and their families in the Spartanburg area.

  • 334 participants enrolled (out of 497 eligible residents)
  • 236 completed home visits (70.6% of participants)
  • Most common referrals:
    • Primary care physician
    • Postpartum appointments
    • GLEAMNS utility assistance
    • WIC/DHEC
    • Medical transportation

“I am so thankful for nurses in our city who are so passionate about moms and babies getting the best care and support.” -Family Connects participant

Quality Counts
Quality Counts Achievements:

Quality Counts provides professional development, mentorship and coaching to support early educators of our youngest students.

  • 290 books provided to 42 classrooms
  • 46,106 total reading minutes
  • 467 children received 2 books each
  • 934 books taken home

“The child quickly changed their mind, stopped playing, looked at the other child’s work and complimented them.” -Jessica Flowers, Conscious Discipline Coach

Triple P Achievements:

Triple P provides support and resources for the entire family, in their homes or in a group setting.

  • 382 received Triple P
  • 105 Triple P AND has child 8 or younger
  • 73 Triple P AND completed Protective Factors Survey (PFS)
  • PFS results: 
    • 80.8% saw gains in family functioning/resilience
    • 75.3% in child development/knowledge of parenting
    • 58.9% in social support
    • 54.8% in improving/nurturing attachment
    • 24.7% in concrete supports

“To see a parent go from shy/quiet in a session to fully engaged, asking questions, and even getting excited about the strategies taught is my why.” -Porsche Miller, Triple P Practitioner

Hello Family connecting with Spartanburg families:

  • 7,864 Hello Family website visits
  • 95 hotline connections
  • 20 community outreach events
  • 140 attendees at community baby shower events
  • 40 organizations attending newly launch of Hello Connect
  • 35,579 people reached on social media

We would like to thank the City of Spartanburg, the Mary Black Foundation, the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Foundation, the Duke Endowment, and the Barnet Foundation Trust

For more information about Hello Family Spartanburg, contact:

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