ICS Receives Award From Nonprofit Finance Fund To Support Pay For Success Project In Spartanburg

The Institute for Child Success has received $200,653 from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) as part of a federal effort powered by the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Social Innovation Fundto address entrenched social challenges. The funds will bring Spartanburg partners together around shared goals for improved outcomes for families and children through the implementation of a first-of-its-kind Pay for Success project.

The Institute for Child Success, in partnership with the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina and the Mary Black Foundation, located in Spartanburg, has developed a project designed to improve the well-being of all young children living in Spartanburg. It will offer a comprehensive continuum of services, including home visits, parent education and support, and significant investments in community organizations providing early care and education. This continuum approach will allow for differentiated services based on the needs of the nearly 2,000 families with children under age 5 living in the city of Spartanburg. The support from NFF follows a feasibility study conducted by ICS projects benefits for child welfare, maternal health, child health, and local economic development.

Pay for Success approaches drive resources toward programs that provide measurable results to the people who need them most. Strong service providers deliver high-quality programs designed to improve lives and prevent future problems. Mission-driven investors cover the upfront costs of delivering these programs. If the predetermined goals are achieved, investors are repaid with a return.

ICS’s award is one of several subgrants from NFF’s Social Innovation Fund allocation, designed to address areas of social need including economic opportunity, healthy futures, and youth development.

“The Social Innovation Fund was proud to support the Institute for Child Success in 2014 as they conducted a feasibility study with Spartanburg, and we are thrilled to see this unique project move into the next phase and move closer to the launch of a PFS contract” said Lois Nembhard, Acting Director of the Social Innovation Fund. “This award will help to drive government resources toward high-quality programs that can demonstrate impact in the lives of children and families most in need, as we have already seen in South Carolina’s Pay for Success innovations.”

“Spartanburg’s continuum approach is unique in the Pay for Success world, and in the broader world of early childhood,” said ICS Executive Vice President Joe Waters. “The City of Spartanburg and the Mary Black Foundation understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to families with young child. We are excited to again work in this thriving community, and to contribute to the unprecedented leadership of South Carolina as a Pay for Success innovator.”

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