ICS And Greenville Medical-Legal Partnership In “Greenville News”

Greenville’s Medical-Legal Partnership – a collaborative effort among South Carolina Legal Services, Greenville Hospital System, and Furman University, were profiled in an in-depth piece from health report Liv Osby for the Greenville News. Earlier this year, ICS released a policy brief on Greenville’s MLP and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration to improve child health, Medical-Legal Partnership Interventions and Child Development: Cross-sector Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health

ICS President Jamie Moon is quoted in the piece, discussing the power and potential of MLPs from a cross-sector perspective:

“Moon said he’s excited about how the MLP might move the needle in a broader way in the future.

‘What is this going to teach us in the way of trends? What are some large policies we can learn from?’ he said. ‘If there needs to be a change in building codes, that might possibly be something we look at. Or … potential new legislation at the state or federal level related to kinship care.’”

ICS is grateful for all those who contributed to the MLP paper and these organizations working in Greenville to bring a new approach to family health. We particularly appreciate the Waddell family and other families like them across the country who have shared their stories so that more children can benefit from essential services.

Read the full Greenville News piece and download MLP brief (written by former ICS staffer Keller Anne Ruble, SC Legal Aid attorney Kirby Mitchell, and GHS physician Kerry Sease).


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