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Helpful Resources from Past ICS Events

Webinars & Internal Presentations

We hope you find these presentations and/or recordings useful in your work. Please be sure to cite these documents as you would any other source to credit their authors.

Bolstering Early Childhood through American Rescue Plan Act webinar recording, accessible on Social Equity In Governance – National Academy of Public Administration

SC Pediatric Residents Day Issue Briefs: Ecigarettes, Childhood Vaccinations and Impacts on Herd Immunity, and Gun Safety; and Presentations: Federal Policy Update: Opportunities and Challenges and Medicaid 101 Fact Sheet

Family Housing Instability in Greenville County: The Complex Interplay of Housing, Child Welfare and Criminal Justice webinar presentation and YouTube recording

Overcoming Racial Injustice and Ensuring the Success of All Children webinar presentation and YouTube recording

Hello Family Foothills Update and Impacts of COVID-19 webinar presentation and YouTube recording

GOMO Health: Improve Outcomes for Parents & Children webinar presentation and Reach out and Read: Improve Outcomes for Parents & Children webinar presentation

Outdoor Learning for COVID-19 YouTube video recording

Presentation of  Ideas for Increasing Capital to Childcare Centers During COVID-19 Outbreak and YouTube video recording

Presentation of The Economic Impact of COVID-19 on SC’s Child Care Sector and YouTube video recording

Presentation of Health Equity & Systems Leadership and YouTube video recording

Presentation of Economics, Equity & Inclusion in Early Care & Education and YouTube video recording

Preschool Suspension and Expulsion: Overview and Policy Recommendations YouTube video recording

Federal Opportunities for Small Business and Non Profit Support: A Crash Course on COVID-19 Response YouTube video recording

ICS Presentations at External Events

The Virtual Champions for Young Children Symposium 2020. COVID-19’s Impact on the Early Childhood Workforce in South Carolina, presented by Bryan Boroughs, Vice President and General Counsel, and Megan Carolan, Director of Policy Research.

Young Child Expo NYC. 2018. Beyond the Classroom: Using Community-Based Interventions to Improve Early Literacy and Math. Megan Carolan, Director of Policy Research.

IDEAs That Work: 2017 Leadership Conference. Pay for Success: Innovative Financing to Improve Child Outcomes,ICS Vice President Bryan Boroughs with Jennifer Tschantz (Early Childhood Research to Practice Team, Office of Special Education Policy, U.S. Department of Education); Donna Spiker (SRI @ DaSy); & Maureen Greer (DaSy)

SmartStart 2017: Playing in the Sandbox- Community-based Approaches to Expanding Early Care Smart Start 2017. ICS’s Associate Director of Research Keller Anne Ruble, with Barbara Manoski (Spartanburg Quality Counts) and Art Rolnick (Human Capital Research Collaborative at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota).

Sixth Annual Home Visiting Summit (2016). Grandparents Matter: Home Visiting comes to Three Gen. ICS Senior Fellow Janice Gruendel. Part of a workshop also featuring David Willis, M.D. (Human Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services); & Clare Anderson (Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago)

Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development Conference (2016). Triple P & Pay for SuccessICS Director of Policy Research Megan Carolan with Sara van Driel (Triple P America).


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Keynote address: Equity in early childhood: An ongoing process for systems-level leaders (presentation and YouTube recording)
Cemeré James, National Director of Movement Building at Children’s Defense Fund

Meltdowns and Tantrums: Helping Parents Support Emotion Regulation in Toddlers who may Have Autism (presentation and YouTube recording)
Sarah Edmunds, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of South Carolina

Striving for an Equitable Child Welfare System (presentation)
Mary C. Garvey, MS, Chief Equity Officer, Institute for Child Success;
Sixto Cancel, Founder & CEO, Think of Us

The Early Childhood Workforce Across Disciplines: Program-level opportunities to build sustainable workforces in health, child welfare, and education (presentation)
Megan Carolan, MPP, Vice President of Policy Research, Institute for Child Success

Building Cross-Sector Progress for Prenatal to Age 3: Lessons from Communities (YouTube recording)
Kerrie Schnake, Executive Director of the SC Infant-Mental Health Association (SCIMHA);
Brenda Blasingame, Founder and Principal, Vav Amani Consulting LLC;
Mary Jane Eisenhauer, First Things First Porter County (Indiana);
Moderator: Bryan Boroughs, JD, MPP, COO & General Counsel, Institute for Child Success

Screen Time and Development: Updates in Research and Impacts to Children and Their Families (presentation and YouTube recording)
Angie Neal, MS CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathology Consultant, South Carolina State Department of Education

Including Family Child Care in Affordable Housing: Policy, Design, and Financing Considerations  (presentation)
Joe Fretwell, Program Officer, Low Income Investment Fund

Theory of Change: Leveraging What Works for Equitable Service Delivery and Outcomes (presentation)
Aimée Drouin Duncan, PhD, VP of Impact & Practice, Institute for Child Success

Using the IMPACT MeasuresTool® to Support Developmental Screening in Healthcare (presentation and YouTube recording )
Tyson Barker, PhD, Chief of Science and Innovation, Institute for Child Success

Using Family Voice to Improve Practice–Lessons Learned from Implementing Rapid-Cycle, High-Quality Feedback Loops in a Statewide Network of Home Visiting Providers (presentation)
Chelsea Richard, PhD, MSPH, Director of Research and Strategy, South Carolina First Steps;
Lexi Jones, MS, Evaluation Coordinator, South Carolina First Steps

Autism and Child Care: Lessons from 2022 Oklahoma Needs Assessment (presentation)
Emily Hayes, BS, MOT, OTR/L, Early Childhood Program Coord. at the Autism Foundation of OK;
Tara Warwick, OTD, MS, OTR/L, Autism Foundation of OK;
Taylor Werthen Knooihuizen, MEd, Program Coordinator, OK Partnership for School Readiness;
Adelaide Webb, MA, Director of Research, OK Partnership for School Readiness

Friday, February 24, 2023

Keynote address: Early experiences elevate everything: Early brain and child development and the future of society (presentation and YouTube recording)
Dipesh Navsaria, MPH, MSLIS, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

SC’s Two Generation Approach: Creating Community Conditions for Whole Family Flourishing (presentation and YouTube recording)
Rachal Hatton-Moore, LMSW, SC Early Childhood Advisory Council, SC First Steps, Two-Generation Coordinator;
Doug Taylor, MPH, Director of Operations and Finance, Fact Forward

Autism, Ethics, and Public Policy Development (presentation)
David Rotholz, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Disability Resources (UCEDD/LEND), USC School of Medicine;
Anne Kinsman, PhD, Director of Pediatric Psychology, Co-director of the Pediatric Psychology Post-Doctoral Training Program and Co-Director of SC LEND;
Laura Arnstein Carpenter, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, Medical University of SC

Built Environment, Facilities, & Health Care–Implications for Care (presentation)
Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC, Professor of Architecture and Industrial Engineering, Spartanburg Regional Health System Endowed Chair in Architecture + Health Design and Director of the Center for Health Facilities Design and Testing at Clemson University;
Desmond P. Kelly, MD, Prisma Health–Chief Medical Research Officer, Prisma Health, Associate Dean for Research, University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Positive Childhood Experiences (presentation and YouTube recording)
Candace Alley, Founder/CEO, Trauma Resource Network

P4 Do More: Social-emotional Development of Youth Exposed to Trauma (Palmetto Pyramid Police Partnership) (presentation)
Megan Trowbridge, Assistant Director and Training Director at USC’s Center for Disability Resources (SC UCEDD/LEND); Co-Lead for the P4;
Suzanne Snyder, LPC, Mental Health Program Manager, South Carolina Department of Education;
Savannah Edis (she/her/hers), Research Assistant, P4;
Jaleeia Thompson, BSW Intern, Center for Disability Resources;
Adam Wenzel, MSW Intern, Center for Disability Resources

Psychiatric Comorbidities in Autism Spectrum Disorder (presentation)
Jordan Klein, PhD, Assistant Professor Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Medical University of South Carolina;
Erin Long, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical University of South Carolina

Effects of Pediatric Chronic Health Conditions on Families: Protective Factors to Restore Caregiver Work Stability (presentation and YouTube recording)
Kate K. Chappell, PhD, APRN, CPNP-PC, Associate Professor, USC College of Nursing & Co-PD, Childcare Ready for All (CRAwl) & BabyCoach;
Dana R. Martin, DNP, RN, CNE, Research Assistant, Childcare Ready for All (CRAwl) & BabyCoach;
Victoria Davis, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC, Associate Professor, USC College of Nursing & Co-PD, Childcare Ready for All (CRAwl) & BabyCoach

Policy Advocacy for Providers (presentation)
Bryan Boroughs, JD, MPP, COO & General Counsel, Institute for Child Success;
Deborah DePaoli, Palmetto Engagement & Policy Director

Pediatric Health Care from Exam Room to the Community: Innovative Approaches to Public Health Challenges (presentation)
Martha M. Edwards, MD, Vice President, SC Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics;
Kirby Mitchell, JD, Legal Director, Medical Legal Partnership Upstate, SC Legal Services;
Haley Armstrong, Policy Intern, ICS and Furman University Student

Keynote Address, Perri Klass MD – Body and Mind: Children’s Well-Being in the Pandemic
YouTube recording and presentation

Equity Challenges Track

Uncovering Unconscious Bias, Mary C. Garvey, MS
YouTube recording and presentation

COVID-19 & Provider Challenges: Child Care & Pediatric Health Experiences, Megan Carolan, MPP
YouTube recording and presentation

Advocacy 101, Bryan Boroughs, JD
YouTube recording and presentation

Service Provision Challenges Track

Positive Childhood Experiences in Rural Areas, before and during COVID-19, Elizabeth L. Crouch, PhD and Janice C. Probst, PhD
YouTube recording and presentation

BabyNet & Early Childhood Education Services, Jennifer Buster, MEd and Jenny May, MEd, PhD
YouTube recording and presentation

Early Childhood Mental Health Policy and Practice Perspective and Direct Service Perspective, within COVID-19 Service Environment, Susan Callahan, MSW and Mary Ellen Warren, PhD
YouTube recording and presentation

Developmental Challenges Track

Autism Spectrum Disorder in School Aged Children: Update on Diagnosis and Management, Laura Arnstein Carpenter, PhD
YouTube recording and presentation

LEND Family Panel, Moderator: Karen E. Irick, Panelists: Tanisha Morris, Dori Tempio and Jennifer Swank
YouTube recording and slide

Positive Parenting for Clinicians, Toni M. Whitaker, MD and Alexandra M. Vohs, PsyD, NCSP
YouTube recording and presentation



Brain Building: Power of Play, Mary MacKenzie

Equity, Inclusions, Implicit Bias in Early Childhood Classrooms, Mary Garvey, MS and Heather Googe, PhD

Family Mental Health – Building a Supportive Continuum, Dee Stegelin, PhD, Angela Baum, PhD, Megan Carolan, MPP Alexis Herschkowitsch, MPA

Housing and Child Health GCCCC Child Homelessness Project,  Megan Carolan, MPP, John Concklin, MM, Loretta Crowley

Using Play Therapy to Improve Children’s Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood Education Settings, Jill Shelnut, PhD, Dr. Jennifer Hall, LPC, RPT


ABC Thrive – Collaboration to Promote Early Childhood Well Being in Families Experiencing Homelessness, Alison Edie, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, Karen Appleyard Carmody, PhD

The Upstate Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP): Intersection of Patients’ Medical & Legal Needs Requires Integrated Services, Kirby Mitchell, JD, Kerry Sease, MD, Melissa Fair, MPH, Catie Buckingham, LBSW

View the agenda, bios & poster session summaries.


Prioritizing Possibilities for Child and Family Flourishing: Our Greatest Public Health Opportunity – Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH

Preschool Expulsion and Suspension: Implications for Administrators, Teachers, and Teacher Education – Dee Stegelin, PhD and Mary Garvey

Latino Families: Nurturing Child Development from the Clinic to the Community – Julie M. Linton, MD, FAAP

Promoting Children’s Optimal Healthy Development.
It’s the Environment, Stupid!
– Paul Dworkin, MD

We Are the Medicine:  Leveraging the Power of Relationships and Engagement to Nurture Developing Minds – Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH

Why and How We Can Reduce Physical Punishment in Medical and Community Settings – Elizabeth Gershoff, PhD

Breakout Sessions Track 1 – Developmental & Behavioral Challenges

What to Do When There are Concerns about a Child’s Development – Ryan Baker, MD and Meghan Doyle, MD

An Update on Management of Children with ADHD – James H. Beard Jr., MD

Breakout Sessions Track 2 – Healthcare & Well-being

Been Caught Stealing: An Overview of the Assessment and Treatment of Disruptive, Impulse-control, and Conduct disorders – Jo Mason, MD

To do and not to do; The complementary roles of Triple P and No Hit Zone – Shaniece Criss, ScD, MPH, MPA; Jessica Herron; Lochrane Grant, MD; Nancy Henderson, MD; Kerry Sease, MD; and Cinnamon Stetler, PhD

Breakout Sessions Track 3 – Early Childhood

Environments Encouraging Flourishing – Moderated by Megan Carolan, MPP

Health as a Key Component of Child Care Quality – Amanda McDougald Scott,
Noelle Mcinerney, Misty Pearson, Nicole Shea, and Aditi Srivastav

Bundling Services to Improve Family Outcomes: Lessons from Communities – Janice Gruendel, PhD and Molly Talbot-Metz

A world without play! The dangers of depriving children of their right to natural play – Mary MacKenzie

Breakout Sessions Track 4 – Promoting Healthy Child Development

Digital Diets and Screen Time: The Impact on Brain Development and Future Academic Success – Angie Neal

Using the Well Visit Planner to support parents’ effective communication with their child’s health care provider – Tiffany Howard and Charlene Sanchez

The Influence of Child Sexual Abuse on Preschool-aged Children – Amaris Tejada, PhD, Candidate, and Sandra Linder, PhD

This page includes slides from presentations at the 2018 Pay for Success Convening of Early Childhood Advisors.

Note that not all sessions used slides, and that for some sessions, slides cannot be made publicly available due to draft nature of the material. If you have any questions about specific slides, please contact Megan Carolan for more information.

Lessons from Preschool Projects at Various Stages

Marie Raymond, City of Tempe
Annette Ricchiazzi, MissionLab Consulting for Pomona Unified School District
Billy Powers, Sorenson Impact Center

Post Feasibility: Exploring the Ins and Outs of Transaction Structuring

Bryan Boroughs, Institute for Child Success
Deirdre Flynn, NFF
Chris Story, City of Spartanburg
Molly Talbot-Metz, Mary Black Foundation

Early Interventions Through Special Education

Megan Carolan, Institute for Child Success
Erika Gaylor, SRI International
Grace Kelly, SRI International
Jennifer Tschantz, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs

Legislative Updates from the Field

Bryan Boroughs, Institute for Child Success
Lee Foley, Capitol Hill Partners & America Forward
Jim Kaufman, Children’s Hospital Association
Nirav Shah, Social Finance

International Perspectives on Outcome-Based Financing   

Izzy Boggild-Jones, Brookings
Russ Wood, Latitude Network (Australia)

Place Matters for Children and Families: Understanding the Impact and Influence of the Environments and Systems in Which Children Grow Up
By Aaron Bean, Charles Bruner and Jason Gilliliand; Moderated by Janice Gruendel

Architecting Resilient and Adaptive Communities through Technological Innovation
By Aaron Bean

Strengthening Community Data Architecture
By Aaron Bean

Contemporary Evaluation of NFP Program Outcomes and Application to South Carolina PFS Project
By Chris Bishop and Bill Thorland

Wind in the Willows: Hearing the Voices of Children in Research
By Marion E. Broome

Ace, Place, Race, And Poverty: Building Hope In Neighborhoods For Young Children
By Charles Bruner

Promoting Healthy Development in Poor Neighborhoods: Early Childhood Research Symposium Plenary Panel
By Charles Bruner

Turning The Page: The Next Chapter In Early Literacy Interventions
By Megan Carolan

The Implementation of the Protective Factor Survey  (PFS) in a Quality Early Learning Program: A Strengthening Families Approach
By Donna Escalante

Rethinking Young Child ‘Neglect’ from a Science-Informed, Two-Generation Framework
By Janice Gruendel

High-Quality Preschool Improves Academic Outcomes at Kindergarten: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
By Mariel Kyger

From Crawling to Walking: Ranking States on Birth-3rd Grade Policies that Support Strong Readers
By Abbie Lieberman & Shayna Cook

Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing-SSTEW
By Mary Mackenzie

Family Financial Stability and Child Outcomes: Leveraging Tax Policy for Improved Development
By Kelly O’Donnell and Keller Anne Ruble

Family Engagement Practices and Dispositions:  A Study of 4K Parents in South Carolina
By Dolores A. Stegelin and Amaris Tejada

Improving Nutrition, Increasing Physical Activity in Preschools
By Alex Zepeda

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