Helpful Resources from Past ICS Events

Below is a collection of presentations, seminars and notes from past ICS events. We invite you to explore this ever-growing collection of resources from early childhood education experts from across the country.

Place Matters for Children and Families: Understanding the Impact and Influence of the Environments and Systems in Which Children Grow Up
By Aaron Bean, Charles Bruner and Jason Gilliliand; Moderated by Janice Gruendel

Architecting Resilient and Adaptive Communities through Technological Innovation
By Aaron Bean

Strengthening Community Data Architecture
By Aaron Bean

Contemporary Evaluation of NFP Program Outcomes and Application to South Carolina PFS Project
By Chris Bishop and Bill Thorland

Wind in the Willows: Hearing the Voices of Children in Research
By Marion E. Broome

Ace, Place, Race, And Poverty: Building Hope In Neighborhoods For Young Children
By Charles Bruner

Promoting Healthy Development in Poor Neighborhoods: Early Childhood Research Symposium Plenary Panel
By Charles Bruner

Turning The Page: The Next Chapter In Early Literacy Interventions
By Megan Carolan

The Implementation of the Protective Factor Survey  (PFS) in a Quality Early Learning Program: A Strengthening Families Approach
By Donna Escalante

Rethinking Young Child ‘Neglect’ from a Science-Informed, Two-Generation Framework
By Janice Gruendel

High-Quality Preschool Improves Academic Outcomes at Kindergarten: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
By Mariel Kyger

From Crawling to Walking: Ranking States on Birth-3rd Grade Policies that Support Strong Readers
By Abbie Lieberman & Shayna Cook

Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing-SSTEW
By Mary Mackenzie

Family Financial Stability and Child Outcomes: Leveraging Tax Policy for Improved Development
By Kelly O’Donnell and Keller Anne Ruble

Family Engagement Practices and Dispositions:  A Study of 4K Parents in South Carolina
By Dolores A. Stegelin and Amaris Tejada

Improving Nutrition, Increasing Physical Activity in Preschools
By Alex Zepeda