Children & COVID

3-part blog series

Children & COVID – Part 1: Making Sense of Rates and Vaccination

pediatric COVID telehealth visit

The summer 2021 surge in COVID-19 cases, despite widespread vaccination in the U.S., is particularly concerning for those focused on child health. Several factors have coincided to create a crisis of the spread of COVID-19 through a more infectious mutated strain (the Delta variant)–the continued low adult vaccination rate in parts of the country; the nuances of vaccinating children for COVID; and the pending start of a new school year, mostly in-person…. continue reading

Children & COVID – Part 2: Vaccine Update

Girl receives COVID vaccine

Experts urge that widespread adult vaccination is key to protecting children while so many are still unable to be vaccinated. Since the end of April, one COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use in teens and tweens ages 12 to 17. Vaccination rates by age group is in the graphic…continue reading

Children & COVID – Part 3: Masks in Schools

The upcoming school year, which has already begun in many parts of the country, is already not the ones parents imagined it to be. The rapid rise of the Delta variant, a more contagious variant than prior ones, combined with lower-than-expected vaccination rates to create a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections across the nation. Parents who had been…continue reading

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