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ICS Provides Details About New Pay for Success Initiative to Support Early Childhood Outcomes

On October 1, the Social Innovation Fund invested more than $780,000 in the Institute for Child Success (ICS) to advance early childhood outcomes through Pay for Success (PFS) financing. Pay for Success is a financing model that can help scale up effective interventions while saving governments money. While PFS is an exciting model with a range of benefits, it is also technically difficult to deploy and few organizations in the early childhood community have developed the required expertise. The Social Innovation Fund’s investment, along with matching funds from ReadyNation, United Way of Greenville County, and Greenville Health System, will fuel an initiative to build that expertise and capacity for PFS within the early childhood community.

This initiative will deploy three chief strategies to build capacity in the early childhood community for PFS financing: technical assistance, convening, and information sharing.

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