Learn more about the work of the Carolinas Collaborative, our key products, and the research expertise of our members.

Curriculum Resources

Advocacy Training Essentials (Toolkit): The Carolinas Collaborative combined existing resources from across our eight institutions to develop an outline of key components of advocacy education. These documents provide a rubric for pediatric residency programs both as they develop advocacy programs and enhance existing ones.

You can download a sample of the toolkit here. For the full report, please reach out to us so we can share directly and learn more about how you will use it!

Additional resources will be loaded soon!

About the Collaborative

2022-2023 Annual Report

The Carolinas Collaborative: How a pediatric residency training program collaborative improved community health and advocacy curricula (abstract published in Academic Pediatrics, 2019)

Residency programs join forces to engage trainees in advocacy efforts (article from AAP news, 2018)

Publications from our members

The Carolinas Collaborative has previously worked on specific focus areas, including early literacy; food insecurity, and adverse experiences. In addition, our members publish on broad issues within the pediatric field as well as the topics of academic medicine and advocacy. Here is a selection of recent publications.

Early Relational Health and Promotion of Early Childhood Literacy

Food Insecurity

Advocacy as Scholarship and the Collaborative Model

Academic Medicine

Other Issues in Pediatric Health

Early Relational Health and Promotion of Early Childhood Literacy (current focus area)

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Food Insecurity

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Advocacy as Scholarship and the Collaborative Model

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Academic Medicine

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Other Issues in Pediatric Health

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