ICS Annual Report 2023: Making An Impact Across The Nation

Explore our 2023 Annual Report to learn more about how ICS has helped children succeed across the nation through early childhood policy, research, systems change, and more.

The Institute for Child Success has released our 2023 Annual Report, spotlighting some of our many exciting accomplishments for young children and their families over the past year. ICs provides a variety of resources and supports to help empower early childhood professionals – in the areas of measurement and evaluation, policy research and advocacy, strategic finance planning, professional learning, and systems change.

We at ICS have been thrilled to catalyze powerful impacts for young children and families across the nation, and are so grateful to all our many partners and contributors this past year.

Read on to see the highlights from this exciting year.

Click above to view an interactive version of the 2023 Annual Report.

Highlights of 2023 Annual Report

  • 48 initiatives & projects
  • 26 states served
  • Reached over 26.5 Million children through IMPACT Measures Tool
  • Over 500,000 children served through outreach on measurement & evaluation
  • Provided 210 early childhood professionals with continuing education
  • Co-created Human Resources and Administration’s ECDHS Evidence to Impact Center with ZERO TO THREE, American Academy of Pediatrics, and other leading organizations
  • Provided measurement & evaluation support to a Robin Hood FUEL for 50 Challenge winner and 17 other early childhood organizations across 9 states

Who we’ve served

  • Early childhood programs & practitioners
  • Policymakers
  • Philanthropic foundations
  • Federal/state/local government offices
  • Communities

Systems we’ve impacted

  • Early learning & care
  • Health care
  • Home visiting
  • Social services

Our impact in South Carolina

  • Helped catalyze over $866 Million for South Carolina children since 2010, including:
    • $53 Million annually for statewide Pre-K expansion
    • $33 Million for quality nurse home visiting
    • $8.5 Million for Hello Family in Spartanburg, SC
  • Pushed for early-childhood-supportive policies including:
    • 500,000 now receiving SC Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Senate Bill 342 for child & youth homelessness
    • BOO$T wage support for early childhood professionals
  • Reduced newborn ER visits by more than half through Hello Family Initiative
  • 53,000 Reach Out and Read books for children
  • Empowering community advocacy with the ECCA

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