Dedicated to the success of all young children.

We support organizations that support young children and families: Practitioners, providers, policymakers, foundations, and elected officials. 

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We provide support in policy research, measurement and evaluation, and more. 

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Learn about our key initiatives, in partnership with many of the foremost leaders in early childhood. 

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Explore our extensive resource library of practical tools and educational information. 

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Are you a state or local government agency, nonprofit, or foundation looking for smart public policies and advisement in early childhood development? 

Find early childhood measures that fit your needs.

Find the tools you need with our free digital repository of measures. Search, compare, and access measures that are scored on four key categories, to help you find the best fit for your community.   

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We believe the key to helping children and families succeed is by harnessing bold solutions to support the systems and services that support them. Together, we work to bring about a world in which all children can thrive. 

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Invest in the mission of ICS and help create a system in which all children have a chance to succeed. 


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