2015 Early Childhood Research Symposium

Presentations from the 2015 Early Childhood Research Symposium are available below


Literacy Spotlight

Measuring Language and Literacy Readiness in PreKindergarten and Kindergarten in South Carolina

Bill Brown, Fred Greer, Leigh D'Amico, Bunnie Lempesis Ward, Christine DiStefano, and Kathleen McGrath

Reach Out and Read - Earlier: Implementing ROR at the Newborn Visit

Anna Miller-Fitzwater, Kathleen Cranley Gallagher, Callee Boulware

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Reach Out and Read: A focused perspective on Reach Out and Read Carolinas

Megan Carolan



Epigenetics and Environment

Epigenetics: What is it and Why it Matters for Children and Families

Robert Saul

Autism and Epilepsy Comorbidities in Intellectual Disability Indicate Different Underlying Causes

Emily Casanova

A Reflection on the Impact and Benefits of Outdoor Learning on Children in Early Years Focussing on Forest Schools

Mary MacKenzie



Mental Health and Executive Function

Executive Function in Early Childhood

Linda Hutchinson

Early Childhood Developmental Screening: Who's Doing What?

Bill Brown, Katy Sides, Leigh D'Amico

Teacher Wellbeing - A Critical Factor in Child and Program Success

Delores Stegelin, Faiza Jamil

Physical Health and Wellbeing

CHIPRA Core Quality Measurements: A Look at Usefulness to South Carolina Pediatric Practices 

Francis Rushton, Lynn Martin

Measuring Trust: Information versus Behavior and Childhood Trauma

Stacey Olsen, Scott Meek, Lynn McMillan


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