ICS supports service providers and advocates focused on early childhood development, healthcare, and education - all to coordinate, enhance, and improve those efforts for the maximum effect in the lives of young people.

Integration efforts help partners collaborate to implement best practices and research-based approaches for quality early childhood development and education programs across disciplines, supporting the success of all children.

Integrating Perspectives on Health, Education, & Safety

The Institute for Child Success has grown as an initial collaboration between the United Way of Greenville County and the Children's Hospital of the Greenville Health System's University Medical Center. As such, the Institute is well-positioned to integrate perspectives on health, education, and safety in our research and policy efforts while also uniting lab based research and in-the-field practice. The integration of these domains positions the Institute to make unique contributions to building a framework for quality early childhood development and school readiness programs that support the success of all children in South Carolina.
Moreover, the Institute is committed to integrating research efforts with best practices deployed by child care providers, educators, and medical professionals to constantly improve - based on sound research - the quality of school readiness programs and development services provided to young children in South Carolina.


Our vision: the success of all young children

Proposing smart public polices, grounded in research

Advising governments, nonprofits, foundations, and other stakeholders on strategies to improve outcomes

Sharing knowledge, convening stakeholders, embracing solutions, and accelerating impact

Fostering the next generation of leaders

Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, the Institute for Child Success (ICS) is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and policy organization dedicated to the success of all young children